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Adify Vertical Gauge Shows Steady Growth in Seven of Eleven Critical Verticals

San Bruno, CA
Sep 28, 2010

09/28/10 -- The Adify Vertical Gauge (AVG) quarterly report released today by Adify shows rising quarter-over-quarter eCPMs for brand campaigns within seven of the eleven verticals tracked since January 1, 2009. Looking solely at the first two quarters of 2010, the median eCPM increase was more than 5.3%.

The verticals experiencing quarter-over-quarter growth include affluent, business, food, moms & parents, news, sports and travel. On average these verticals experienced a 3% eCPM increase in Q2 2010. The business vertical had the greatest eCPM growth of all eleven verticals, posting a 26% increase. Additionally, the business vertical saw a year-over-year eCPM increase of 8%. In stark contrast to 2009 and Q1 2010, Real Estate plunged by 42%, which is reflective of the current state of affairs in regard to the U.S. housing market.

"Having seven verticals once again show positive quarter-over-quarter results is both reassuring and telling," said Russ Fradin, president of Adify. "Economic conditions and seasonal trends have severely affected our AVG reports in the past, where it was not uncommon to see a few verticals experiencing major spikes and drops every quarter. Overall, this quarter we are seeing a leveling out where the gains are a bit more modest than in some quarters past, but there is consistent and steady growth."

Adify's Q2 2010 AVG report reflects continuing trends from the Q1 2010 report. Detailed findings include:

  • The moms & parents vertical posted the second highest eCPM; 17% growth between Q1 and Q2 2010 reflecting the growing advertiser interest in this vertical and the focus of Adify Media on household CEOs.
  • In line with standard trends, the travel vertical saw a 14% eCPM increase between Q1 and Q2 of this year. Travel eCPMs typically experience QoQ increases in the second quarter as the post-holiday lull ends and people begin planning summer vacations.
  • Healthy living and lifestyle decreased by 25% which trends in the same direction as a year ago. A major influencing factor of this vertical's growth in Q1 2010 was the impact of New Year's resolutions to lead healthier lifestyles. Moving into Q2, advertisers are no longer as willing to pay premium to reach this audience as the audience's determination to take new steps to fulfill these resolutions wanes.
  • The Beauty & Fashion, Entertainment, Healthy Living & Lifestyle and Real Estate verticals all experienced some contraction in quarter over quarter eCPM, with a 15% decrease on average. Real Estate was hit the hardest, with a 42% contraction in eCPM both quarter over quarter and year over year. Although eCPMs for the Beauty & Fashion and Entertainment verticals declined quarter over quarter, they both demonstrated healthy YoY growth of 17% and 13% respectively.
  • Median eCPM was $5.29 across all verticals with a minimum of $2.63 and a maximum of $6.58.

The Adify Vertical Gauge (AVG) is an industry-wide listing of online eCPM data for 11 of the vertical ad network categories on Adify's platform. This quarter's report represents all brand campaigns sourced by vertical ad networks that have been delivered using Adify's ad serving technology since April 1, 2009. The inventory covered in the report includes banner ads, rollovers, roadblocks, sponsorships, and rich media campaigns. The Adify platform includes more than 200 premium vertical ad networks and 18,000 quality sites and blog. Adify's ad server is compliant with IAB ad measurement guidelines and is MRC accredited for both impression and click management.

Click here to download the current AVG, or visit: http://www.adify.com/adify-vertical-gauge-q2-2010.

About Adify
Adify Corporation (www.adify.com) is the premiere vertical ad network management and media services company and is an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Cox TMI Inc., part of Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises.

About the Adify Vertical Gauge
The Adify Vertical Gauge is a quarterly analysis of eCPMs for direct-sold campaigns on more than 18,000 websites in more than 200 vertical ad networks built on Adify's vertical ad network platform. This quarter's report represents all brand campaigns that have been served by Adify's IAB ad measurement audited and certified technology since January 1, 2009. Among these websites, 69 per cent are based in the United States. Adify's Ad Server is audited by IMServices and certified compliant with IAB Ad Measurement Guidelines.

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